Question about temperature for my first run

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Jan 6, 2008
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First off, FANTASTIC forum. I have learned so much just from reading the various threads.
None the less I have a question for the brain trust which requires some explanation:

I just brewed my first 5gal of beer (English Pale Ale) yesterday evening. I put everything into the fermentation bucket, sealed it up, and went to bed.

Unfortunately, I had not placed a "HOLD" on my thermostat, and when I woke up this morning it was 63 degrees in my apartment! I immediately upped the temp in the apartment to 69.

I looked at the temperature on the bucket...68 degrees. I then looked at the airlock and saw no bubbling. It's now 24 hours since brewing and still no bubbling from the airlock. I did open up the lid and found an entire mass of foam, so it looks like something is going on, and from reading I see that it could take up to three days to start bubbling. I just get paranoid that the lower temperature might have killed off the little yeasties during the evening.

Is my paranoia justified, or am I green?

Thanks for any words of encouragement you can offer!

No worry, Yeast wouldnt be dead at 63 degrees, and the 5 gal of liquid wouldnt have dropped all the way to 63 degrees in that time period anyway.
+1 on the above.

Plus there is usually a delay before you see any signs of fermentation. So give it some time.

Plus you may not see any bubbling in case 1) it happened quickly overnight and you missed it; or 2) you didn't have an air-tight seal on the fermentation vessel.

You should be fine. Most ale yeast are happy in the 60-70 range. I ferment all my ales at 65.

One thing you do want to think about is avoiding major temperature swings, like 72 during the day and 60 at night.
What type of yeast and did you make a starter?

I typically ferment in the low 60's for an ale so your temp is fine.
I used a Brewer's Best Kit...the Classic English Pale Ale. It was a dry yeast, but I do not know what the actual name was. My buddy actually has the notebook I used to write everything down.
Well, I will continue the wait.
Thanks again,
It'll be fine. Most likely you got some really active fermentation over night and it slowed down by morning. If you're using a bucket for fermentation the airlock often doesn't bubble unless fermentation is real vigorous so don't go by that, c02 leaks out the sides of the lid.
Thanks again for the help.
Just siphoned from the primary to a secondary (carboy.)
Gravity was RIGHT ON the money at 1.012. Smells FANTASTIC.
Oh, I cannot wait.
Now I am looking at an empty primary and plotting my next move!
Congrats on the brew. Once you get the first one under your belt it gets easier/less stressful.