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Apr 26, 2014
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Stockholm, Sweden
Hello there, i just started with homebrewing and i'm still learning the basics. I'm just about to start brewing and there's one thing that's unclear to me.

I want to prime using DME and not corn sugar, when do i add the DME to make sure the beer gets carbonated?

I think i'll be using some DME at the mashing stage as well, but do i add it straight to the bottles at bottling or do i add some at the 1st stage of fermentation?

I'm at a loss, as most people i've seen on videos use a corn sugar & water solution at the bottling stage.

Very thankful for any help! I did search the forum a bit but i failed to find a straight-up answer. Sorry for being stupid! :tank:


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Jan 9, 2014
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Mix it up with water right before transferring the batch into your bottling bucket. I use boiled water. Helps the sugars dissolve easier and sterilizes the water. Two birds with one stone.

You wouldn't want to add any sugars or DME to the mash, I think there may be a communication or nomenclature (names of things) failure. If anything you'd add it to the water or wort before boiling but after the mash to increase gravity. This would ferment out entirely into beer and alcohol without any addition to carbonation - the question at hand.

As for amounts to use, there is this awesome calculator. It allows you to entire your desired CO2 amount by number or by style and gives you a huge list of how much to use depending on your sugar of choice. Pick ONE of them, don't use that much of everything. Happy brewing.

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