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Dec 28, 2007
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Newark, De
I have created some pretty tasty beers over my 2 years of homebrewing and probably 5 off flavored beers that have come out tasting exactly similar. I just brewed and Oktoberfest Ale, in which I added English Ale Yeast. It has been fermenting for 5 days now but very lackadaisically. The SPU is at 1.045 and I tasted the sample I pulled off. The sample tastes very sour and lactic like. As mentioned before I have tasted this flavor before in my beers that have gone bad, and I've been told its because I dropped my yeast on those beer at temperatures above 75F. The Oktoberfest however, I dropped the yeast on at 70F. Any ideas as to whats wrong? Why this happens? Can my Oktoberfest be saved? Thanks for the help!