Question about microwaved soft caramel from an old bochet post

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Sep 1, 2020
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bernardsmith said:
Certainly darkened the honey but I don't think that there is any strong presence of caramelization by nose or taste. Which is not to say that this batch tastes bad. Just not as caramelized as I had wanted. But not to be outdown I made a batch of (soft) caramel in my microwave last night (very simple recipe, very quick process; very easy to make - takes all of about 5 minutes prep time and about 7 minutes cooking time) and my plan is to dissolve this with a bar of dark chocolate in some boiling water, allow to cool and then add some raspberry honey and ferment this (and add some vanilla to the secondary) - to make a chocolate caramel mead.

@bernardsmith ,
how did this bochet mead turn out?
Also, could you, please, detail your process of how you make the soft caramel in the microwave? Thinking it might make a fun addition to a mead later down the line. Thank you, in advance, if you do. I appreciate it.

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