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Apr 28, 2008
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Allentown, PA
I did my first all-grain the other day, and I've got an equipment issue. I'm using a 6 gallon brewpot for the boil which isn't really big enough for all of wort. To compensate, I boiled most of the water in my 6 gallon with the hops, and the rest in another pot on the side with no hops, adding from one to the other when it had boiled off enough.

My question concerns the hops. Does the wort need to be boiled with them to infuse the flavor, or is the method I used okay? I wonder if I will end up with slightly maltier beer than I anticipated. Also, even with extract brewing, I used to end up having to add about a gallon of water to hit 5 gal. Until I get my hands on a bigger brewpot, I figured this might be a good way to keep my OG where it belongs.


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Nov 2, 2007
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East Dundee, Illinois
You can do All-Grain the way you have described. You generally will get a lower efficiency since you won't be able to sparge the grains with as much water, but people do all-grain and top up, but not many.

You'll need to re-calculate your recipe to account for a lower hop utilization and lower efficiency.

What you did with the current batch should work out just fine. You may have slightly less hop utilization but it sounds like you boiled the hops with a good percentage of the batch so you should be fine.