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Jan 7, 2008
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My brew was bottled a week ago, and everything seems fine. It tasted great going into the bottles and it was crystal clear. I don't think I missed anything when sanitizing for bottling, except maybe my daughter's hands. The one thing I did do wrong, but not terribly so, was when transferring to the bottling bucket I left behind too much in the secondary. I finished bottling what I had transferred, then transferred the rest and added some unmeasured amount of corn sugar, about 2 teaspoons. I bottled up another 6 12oz bottles with it. I've marked these 6 so I know which they are.

I put one of the 6 in the fridge yesterday as I wanted to at least have one taste during the Super Bowl (Go Giants!), but I checked today and it was cloudy. My question is whether I can expect them all to be cloudy, after giving them the proper time in the bottle, or will they stay clear when they've sat long enough. Do they need to sit in the fridge to clear? Will they clear at all? I'm hopeful they'll taste fine in any case, but I really wanted clear beer. The non-chilled ones are still clear. Maybe I'll drink it warm? ugh.
Okay, Chill Haze 101... when they get cold, they will get hazy. You have some lipids and protiens in there that will become visible and after a while in the fridge it will settle out along with the yeasties. How long? Well, in my case it generally takes several weeks in the fridge to get clear.
It will not affect the taste in the very least... and it is a part of homebrewing.

Easy fix... brew only Heffes and dark beers!

Or, just wait and revel in the process!
A little research after the post says a wort chiller will prevent this, as it precipitates these thing out before fermentation. Given that I can expect haze on this batch, I guess I'll have to make room in the fridge to keep a rotating supply.
A wort chiller helps because the quicker you chill after the boil, the more the protiens coagulate, and the quicker they fall out. Just give your beer some time, and it should clear up.
A wort chiller will not get rid of chill haze... it may reduce it somehwhat. I have always used a chiller, and a secondary, and there is still haze for a while...

A chiller will get it down to 70f? When you place this stuff in the fridge at 40F you will still see haze appear, you cannot simply get rid of it.... welcome to homebrew! Give it time and it will look like this...

Yep, chill haze can be REALLY stubborn in some cases. I've got an IPA that's been in the kegerator for just over a month now and it's only quite recently started becoming nice and clear - just in time for the keg to kick, since there's less than a gallon left. Usually it's not QUITE that stubborn, but it does happen.

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