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Sep 12, 2018
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I know photos are generally not an exact science, but I feel this one is a pretty fair representation.

Edit... not sure why my picture isn't showing right. It shows fine in the "Edit" box. Link at the bottom seems to work.

These two glasses are from the same batch. Keg on the left, bottle on the right. Obviously the one on the left is a lot more clear. If anything, the photo doesn't quite do justice to how clear the left one is. They were bottled/kegged same day, same time just about two weeks ago.

Differences I'm aware of:

1) Bottles were bottle conditioned with fizz drops and have been chilling not quite 24 hours. Carb level is good.

2) This was a kit recipe, and the keg had some liquid "grapefruit" extract/additive added per the recipe. This was added directly to the keg and none is in the bottles.

To me they taste very similar though. Not sure I could reliably tell them apart in a blind taste-only test even back to back.

Any ideas why the keg is so much more clear? The only thing I can think of is that the keg has been cold the whole time, the bottles have not, so maybe ~22 hours isn't enough time for all the yeast, etc to fall out completely in the bottle?