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Jan 3, 2005
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Clebland, OH
i have an american style cream ale that i bottled sunday. it tasted like a cream ale is supposed to i think (i only vaguely remember stealing sips of my dads gennesse cream ale in the green can when i was a kid, and i always steal some brew when i rack and sip it to make sure it's worth my effort to continue).

i'm noticing a considerable bit of a haze in the bottle, more so than with my previous batches, granted this is the lightest colored beer i have brewed and maybe the same was not noticable in the other beer? it's almost like a cloud that floats in the bottle, but it settles on the bottom and is easily stirred up. the other beers i've bottled have all settled on the bottom and formed a rather compact and immovable layer, that is rarely disturbed when i pour.

i used corn sugar to prime, and i think what i am seeing is the carbonation frementation and hopefully not some funk that's gonna crush my beer...

beer spent a week in the primary and was racked to a secondary for two additional weeks, then bottled.

so you think this is normal and i should put the bottles back and check in two weeks or does it look like i got funk?
it could be your just rousing the sediment in the bottom of the bottle when you pour it up? as long as it tastes good, go with it. :D

DeRoux's Broux
Yeah, it's just sediment. Different yeasts settle different ways. You can rarely see "funk", and I've never heard of an infection that makes a cloudy sediment. You're fine. Don't worry.

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