Putin is a (small) dick

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Jun 26, 2018
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Ukrainian brewery Pravda released their recipes and stopped making beer when the war started. Relevant link:

I was interested in the golden ale recipe, "Putin is a dick," but the OG is above 1.070 and the recipe is written for nearly 600 gallon batches. I adapted it for about 5% ABV and 3 gallon batches. So that makes this recipe the "smaller" version. :)

3 gallons, 1.046 OG, 27 IBU

4 lb Pilsner malt
3 oz Munich malt
1.5 oz Wheat malt

Mash 150 for 45 min, mash out 160 for 5-10 min

5g Magnum (14% AA) 60 min boil
12 g Perle (8% AA) 20 min
12 g Perle at flameout
1 oz coriander at flameout (optional)
0.5 lb sugar at flameout

Ferment with US-05 or any ale yeast, 70 degrees until the gravity is stable across several days.

Dry hop if desired with 1 oz Saphir (4% AA) for 2 days, at 60 degrees if you can per the recipe.

Then carbonate however you prefer.

Have a great time :)

Check it out here:

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