Pumpkin Ale

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Feb 9, 2006
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Richmond, Va
Going to make a Pumpkin Ale soon and need a good recipe. Partial mash accepted but prefer all grain. Look forward to seeing what you guys and gals suggest. Thanks in advance.

PT Ray

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Aug 26, 2005
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After ten years since my last pumpkin, I gave in and brewed another after reading a recent post. My reservations towards a pumpkin is that most homebrew versions are wide open throttle on spices and pumpkin. I like to take things to the extreme and have been down that road but have since switched gears in exchange for more subtle and "less is more" approach. I prefer to mash my pumpkin but use a conservative amount. If looking for larger amounts I would opt to use in the boil. Here is the recipe I brewed last week:

5.5 gallons
75%(6lbs) Pils
10%(.8lbs) Dark Munich
10%(.8lbs) Brown Sugar
5%(.4lbs) Canned Pumpkin
Some brewers coloring for color change

.3oz Nugget hops (boil)
.3oz minus 1teaspoon pumpkin pie spice (boiled the last 20 minutes)
1tsp pumpkin pies spice (flameout).
Wyeast Bavarian lager yeast.
O.G 1.047, Calculated IBUs 18

Plan on brewing another this week. Thinking about roasting the pumpkin this time for a change in flavor profile along with uping to 1lb. .4lbs was evident in the aroma of the mash and boil but want to make a slight change. Since it is a lager I will have to wait a little longer than others using an ale yeast but just what happens to be what I am using at the current time.