Pumpernickel Light Porter (?)

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Apr 16, 2024
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I'm planning to brew a dark malty ale, similar in taste to baltic porter, but much lighter in strength - 2-3% ABV, around 1.032 (8 Blg) OG.
I'm especially interested in pumpernickel/dark bread flavour, which appears sometimes in dark beers.

Using brewness, I made an inicial recipe, for 20 liters (around 5 US gallons) :

Weyermann - Dehusked Carafa III0.3 kg 9.7%1024
Caraaroma0.3 kg 9.7%400
Weyermann - Vienna Malt1.5 kg 48.4%8
Weyermann - Rye Malt1 kg 32.3%7
Sum3.1 kg

What do you think, any tips, advises?
I'm wondering if 300 g of Caraaroma isn't too much, on the other hand i've seen more caramel in baltic porter recipes.
I'm also considering switching Vienna to Munich, maybe even Weyermann Dark Munich, but I'm not sure if it'll give me enough diastatic power to convert specialty grain.
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It looks like an interesting recipe. One website I looked at recommended Carafa only up to 5% of your recipe. I think the rye and Vienna will give you a nice base. Welcome aboard, keep us posted.