Propane Burner tuning... at elevation

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Dec 2, 2010
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VA Beach
Hi - so I moved from sea level to 7000 ft and I'm just in the process of getting my rig up and running again. I have two automated low pressure burners - ones a 10" and the other a 12" (LPCAST10 and LPCAST12 from Tejas.)

The 10" burner the first thing I immediately noticed after firing up yesterday is I barely had any output. I had a couple spare valves laying around so I played with drilling up the orifice size (basically went from 60 to 46.) I've got significantly better output now. The 12" had a ridiculously huge orifice open - like 39. I decided to use another spare valve and took this one to 46 as well. I also had good output here.

But I don't know if I've actually got the proper size on either which leads me to two questions I'm hoping someone can shed some light on:

1) Does it make sense I'd have to make these kind of adjustments at elevation? Theoretically it seems to make sense to me - air is less dense so probably need more gas for proper combustion?
2) At times, I got some wicked orange flames but this usually happens when it's a bit breezier. Could that just be the burner getting too much air and not enough gas in this scenario?
3) I know there's a way to figure out the optimal orifice size, I just don't know what it is. I thought I had read something about you have it right when you can fully open the air shutter and it's mostly blue.

Note that I do have adjustable needle valves on these. So I can control the gas.

Thanks for any advice in advance!