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For Sale Propane 1/2 BBL Brewery For Sale

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Jul 10, 2009
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Waller, TX
Hey everyone. I'm selling my custom made 1/2 BBL brewing system. I don't brew anymore and I no longer have the room for it. Welded the 2-tier frame myself. It's painted with a galvanized spray so it's in really good shape in terms of rust. Black pipe for propane connected to two high pressure burners with needle valves for fine tuned heat control. TBH, I've never had to get close to 1/2 way open.

2 1/2 BBL converted keggles with 304 SS 3 piece ball valves. They're mounted on weldless fittings for easy disassembly and cleaning. They also come with stainless steel male disconnect fittings. I am also including the hoses which are clear silicone with female SS disconnects. No ring clamps necessary.

Homemade oversize copper chiller coil with whirlpool spout and SS disconnect. I will also include a March pump with SS head and male SS disconnect. I am also including a Harbor Freight sump pump which I connect to the coil to super chill my wort quickly (about 3 minutes).

Fermenter is a 7 gallon bucket with airlock. I don't know where the stopper is so you'll have to source one. Mash tun is a Coleman with a stainless steel mesh tube for straining and another 304 SS 3-piece valve with disconnect. The valve uses silicone o rings compressed so no leaks.

I've also included a pin lock keg with new seals and pin lock connectors, along with a CO2 tank (no regulator).

I will also toss in some PBW and Star San, a hop tube, hydrometer, grad cylinder and whatever else I can find. This really is (almost) everything you need to dive into all-grain. I hate to part with my baby, but it's time to move on to other projects.

$1200 gets it all, come pick it up in Waller, TX (NW Houston area).


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