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Jan 10, 2008
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Fort Lauderdale
Hey peeps :p . So I am working on my third batch, and it is an Irish Red (for St. Patrick's day). I pitched the yeast on Friday when the brew was about 66 F. I did not rehydrate, and instead of sprinkling I kind of dumped it in. I did this on my last batch and had no problems. Well I was out of town this weekend and do not know if there was any action with the air lock, however there is very little residue on the sides of the bucket, and there are still clumps of what looks like the yeast.

I realize that it is very early in the process, but the I watched the air lock for a while and saw no bubbles. I am only concerned because the two before this had much more activity in the first 5 days. So my question is: Is there something obviously wrong? Should I just stop thinking into it and use the hydrometer in another 3 days?

Also the measured OG was 1.045 when the recipe called for a 1.050. If that helps. Thanks!
I actually just brewed some Irish Red and it did almost all of its fermenting the next day while I was in class. What yeast did you use? If it was Nottingham then you are prob. done fermenting, the yeast is on speed or something. Take a hydrometer reading in a couple days * a couple just to be sure* and then depending on what you see, you will know if it needs more time or if its done! Good luck!