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Jun 25, 2007
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smAlbany, NY
My kit extract english ale has what looks like a cake floating on the top of it. I wasn't sure if this was a good or bad thing...but I smelled the beer and it smelled ok so I took a swig and it tastes ok. Is it possible it was contaminated with a wild yeast that was ok? Or are my taste buds just really bad?
How long ago did you bottle it? How much priming sugar or DME did you use, or did you use carb tabs? And, is there a yeast cake/sediment on the bottom? Did you stir it up at all?

I think that's enough questions, sorry about that! There are a few different possibilities besides infection that we should consider first.
I used the prepackaged amount of priming sugar that came with the kit. I think it was 5 oz. I tried very hard not to stir it up when bottled it. Although it doesn't smell or taste all that bad, it doesn't compare to the last bottle I had from the same batch (one of the best ales i have ever tasted). I have heard that when a bottle goes bad you can smell it. No there is no yeast cake on the bottom. There is just what looks like a ring similar in appearance to the mold ring you might find in the coffee pot if you let it sit on the counter a week or so. When I bottled it, it appeared to me that there was a speck of dust or hair or something floating in the top of the bottling bucket so I left about 2 bottles worth in the bottom to avoid the hair/fiber/speck of dust. Bottled about a week and a half ago. I usually crack one or two early because I just can't wait.

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