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Dec 22, 2006
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I am about to bottle.

I have the priming sugar (4oz).

Do I add it straigt to the beer of in a solution of water?

Do I stir it in?

I of course will be siphoning the beer to a bottling bucket.

Please help a newbie
Boil the priming sugar in a small amount of water for 10 minutes.
Cool the hot sugar solution, then add it to the bottling bucket.
Rack the beer onto the sugar solution, This should mix it up enough, but you could stir very gently with a sanitized spoon for a few seconds.


Good luck

hopefully it is not a big deal that I boiled it for 1-2 min

What do you think
Excellent topic. I am about to bottle my brew. In the past I have had various issues:

1 batch had a few exploded bottles (Too much primer!)
1 batch ended up WAY too carbonated and tasted acidic

So this time, I am going to prime with my 3.8oz sugar boiled per advice here.
Here is what I do - simple.

1/2tsp of white table sugar funneled into each 12oz bottle (adjust for 16oz and 22oz bottles). It hasn't failed me in several hundred bottles; I don't like batch priming in buckets.
I too prime each bottle individually because I bottle from the fermenter. I use a syringe and make a solution. Squirt in each bottle just prior to filling.