Priming With Maltodextrin? (Diastatic yeast)

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Sep 7, 2022
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Costa Mesa CA
I recently brewed a no boil farmhouse ale with homegrown wet hops using Jovaru. Recipe Link It just finished primary fermentation and it needs to be carbonated. I just ran out of CO2 and haven't had time to pick up new CO2. I have both DME and Maltodextrin on hand. The beer turned out to be slightly lower in gravity than planned (1.004 vs 1.008). I am considering carbing with a mixture of maltodextrin and DME. My thinking is that the maltodextrin will add back a little bit of the body while still being convertible because Jovaru is Diastatic. Maybe my thinking is wrong because it is diastatic the yeast will convert it and I will lose any potential body anyways.
Anyone out there have experience with priming with Maltodextrin with a Diastatic yeast? Bad idea?
Well I'd think maltodextrin would still be slower and maybe not as complete a carbonation regardless of whether your yeast is diastatic and can chew on it.

I think all yeast love the simple fermentable sugars regardless of being diastatic. However I'm not the best qualified to answer this.

Put your maltodextrin in your bidons when out cycling.
Add the malto prior to carbing, so you know what you are working with. I suspect you will not get any conversion of the malto ............ but I really don't know.