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Dec 11, 2007
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Minneapolis, MN
Does anyone know if cane juice has enough unfermemntable sugars in it to prime with? I have a cocoa mix that is just cocoa powder and evaporated cane juice and would love to use it in place of regular priming sugar for a chocolate stout.
Interesting idea, I have a chocolate stout in primary right now. Curious to know if it works out for you.
ECJ is just an unrefined sugar so it hasn't had all of the moisture taken out, I would go ahead with it.

I would just stick with the 3/4 cup for five gallons and see how it goes. A bit of research revealed that you might need to wait about a month for it to carbonate. Sounds like a good experiment, I would be interested to see how it goes.

* Edit* I re-read your first thread and I guess that I forgot that we were not dealing with just Evaporated Cane Juice alone, you have it as a additive in cocoa powder, hmmm.......Nothing to do but either just try some out, or get ahold of the company and figure out the sugar %.

You could separate 1 gallon at bottling, try out 1.6 oz of the stuff (would equal 1 cup for 5 gallons) prime the rest with somewhere between .5 and .75 cups of regular dextrose and see what happens.

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