priming sugar ?

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Aug 10, 2016
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Got my starter kit and ingredients to make 3 batches of beer ! Then I realized... I forgot to order priming sugar. :-(

What are the Pros and Cons of different types of priming sugars ?

Can you use regular cane sugar? Or does it have to be corn sugar?
What about brown sugar for a sweeter maltier flavor?

Thanks !
I've used both corn sugar and cane sugar and couldn't tell much difference. For one batch I think you're just fine using what you have on hand. I do use corn sugar regularly because it's a bit easier to measure. Other than that, take your pick.
As long as you account for the differing amounts of sugar when you calculate the amount to use it dosn't make much difference. You can find several priming sugar calculators online that will give you the amount in weight or volume for each kind of sugar. I use table sugar all the time and it seems to work fine.

I've used brown sugar a few times for porters and stouts and frankly couldn't tell any difference. But my palate is maybe not too sensitive.
you guys are awesome ! thanks !
I would hate to have to pay shipping and wait 2 weeks for priming sugar.
I've only used cane sugar since I started home brewing. A little under 2/3 cup for a 5 gallon brew is good.