priming sugar to beer when hot

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Feb 6, 2012
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I have followed the instructions on my brewers best IPA kit for bottling. Told me to dissolve my sugar in boiling water, put in the pale and add beer. Did that. Thought about it. Should I have let the temperature cool before adding the beer to my bucket? Seems the high temp would kill yeast and thus mess up the beer conditioning and carbonation. The instructions did not say to cool down the dissolved sugar before adding beers. Am I ok? Is it ok to add my beer to the hot sugar water?

Yep, it's fine. The hot priming solution won't do anything bad. Cheers!
To elaborate on JonM's completely correct response.... if you have two cups at boiling (which it won't be, even if you dump it in the bucket at boiling temps, because its going to cool off as soon as it hits the bucket), and mix it with 1 gallon of beer at 70 degrees, you're already down to 85 degrees in the bulk. So the vast majority of your yeast are never exposed to any temp that would be dangerous to them. Even at 8 cups of beer added, you're already down to 98 degrees.
This place rocks!

No worries the small volume of hot water will cool quickly when the brew is added

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