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Oct 3, 2005
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Houston tx
So after 8 years of brewing on and off and bottling, I have finally put together a modest, picnic tap 1 keg system. It is a 3.5 cu ft mini fridge (with a few "slight" adjustments to fit the keg) which I got next to nothing from home depot with a leftover gift card.

What I did: I went ahead and primed the keg with sugar because I wasn't sure how long it would take to get the fridge up and running. I added 1/3 cup table sugar in the form of 1 cup boiled sugar water to the keg when I racked to keg 4 days ago. I gave it a small shot of co2 to "burp" &/or seal it and I have left it in an inside closet at normal fermentation temps.

My questions: I have heard of lying the corny on it's side & shaking it when quick carbonating with co2 tank to help the beer absorb co2 (increased surface area in contact with co2), should I lie my corny on it's side and/or shake it? Will this work to shorten the absorption time for the co2 into the beer?

Knowing what I know about primary fermentation, under normal circumstances, 90% of the co2 production happens within the first 4 days of pitching the yeast in the wort. After that, the airlock burps slow up considerably. This being said, when priming a corny, after 4 days would the yeast have already done 90% of the co2 making? At this point do I just need to wait for it to absorb into the beer? If so, (going back to the first question) doesn't it just make since to lie corny on its side and shake it?

Sincerely, Impatient Brewer
Maybe it has started carbing up, maybe not. Shaking it and such will not help, except you'd have a foamy cloudy beer. (Shake a beer in the bottle and see how much you like it).

If you can't wait for it to carb up with the priming sugar, you could always stick it in the fridge and set it at 12 psi and pour a little and see where you are. If it's undercarbed, wait a few days. If it's perfect, then you're good.
Thanks, I am going to go ahead and keep my hands off until next weekend. Still wondering if it makes since to prime corny on its side for next time. Probably going to force carb next time but we will see how this batch turns out.
So how is that keg working out ? did it carb up well ?
Are you still going to bottle or go all keg ?
I have brewed 3 batches since and have NO PLANS TO BOTTLE EVER!

maybe not ever but I don't miss it at all. May want a counter pressure filler to bottle a couple "roadies" from time to time.