primary reg vs. secondary reg

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Sep 25, 2006
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Brentwood, CA. (Norcal, not LA)
I got some kegging equipment passed down to me, and the previous owner was using a secondary regulator attached directly to the tank for gas. Will it hurt anything to run it like this, or should I plunk down the cash for a legit primary regulator?
hmmm, i was under the impression that a secondary regulator wasn't designed to handle the 900psi coming out of the CO2 cylinder.

but, I am not an expert. someone more knowledgable will know for sure.
I'm curious if there's actually any difference at all between the two reg types. I mean, as an item forsale there's an obvious distinction. A "primary" will have a tank fitting while a "secondary" will have a hose barb on the high pressure port. The regulator bodies look identical to me but what do I know.

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