Primary / Dry Hop / Cold Crash / Keg Process Flow - what works best?

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Jan 11, 2017
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I am currently working on a process that ferments in a temp controlled freezer. I am employing a single stage fermentation. I am dry hopping (in a hop bag) at terminal gravity (3 days at constant and predicted gravity via Tilt) and plan to remove the hop bag and cold crash for 2 days at 36F, then gravity transfer to the Keg. Questions:
1. is the opening of the primary to insert the hops a problem
2. is the removal of the hops prior to cold crash a problem
3. how long if at all should kegs be conditioned before carbonation via CO2
4. if conditioned should they be conditioned at what temp (recall they are being filled at 36 degrees)
I'm planning on moving to a pressure transfer equipment set up shortly but the dry hop steps still seem relevant there too - like how, when and where.


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Dec 5, 2012
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Your options kind of depend on your fermentor. I'd say it is not best practice to open the fermentor to either add or remove dry hops. You want to keep the beer away from oxygen as much as possible post fermentation.

I'm using a conical with a hop doser for adding and a bottom dump for removing.

If you are fermenting in kegs you have other options that would make more sense.

I think conditioning will depend on your beer and your process and preference. I tend not to condition very much but I'm going for very fresh very hoppy beers most of the time.


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Mar 31, 2016
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1 yes big no no for me
2 why? If it's for clogging reasons I'd rather rethink my racking process instead personally. Like adding a filter or float pick up tube.
3 I ferment, cold crash and hop at the same time (takes 3 days to drop from fermenter Temps to 36f) I also semi carb during this period with spending and tank pressure.
4 I condition at serving Temps or 36. Whatever the normal temp of my fridge is.

Like said before your equipment will to some extent dictate what you can or cannot do. Just do anything to avoid exposing it to oxygen post yeast pitch.