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Sep 16, 2023
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I just prepared my must three days ago and left it to be fermented. I planned to leave it for around 7 days. Today, I got a hydrometer reading of 0.995 and I was shocked a little bit but I learned it can be possible to end the fermentation in just three days, my problem is my press machine is still under construction. I’m pretty sure that fermentation is completed because the pulps are not swelling anymore they are just floating just under the surface of the liquid. Nevertheless, I'm going to take another reading tomorrow just to be sure. My question is how many more days can I keep this like that until the press machine is completed? And if keeping it is possible, should it be oxygenless with an airlock or like just in the primary period?

D the Catastrophist

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Jun 24, 2022
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W. Michigan
Not sure what your starting s.g. was, but a current s.g. of 0.995 would suggest it is done.
I would wait another few days, testing each day. If sg remains at that level then yes, it's done.

Not sure what you mean by a 'presser', but yes, if fermentation is complete, I would rack it off the lees into a container with an airlock to let it bulk age. Don't know what wine you made but most benefit from at least some aging(higher abv wines need longer), and by bulk aging you get a more consistent flavor than bottle aging.