Pressing plums with a wine press?

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Dec 3, 2019
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Has anyone tried this? In the past I've fermented them on the skins before straining and racking. This year I was thinking of just throwing them in the press, discarding the skins and pits, and fermenting in a carboy. I have a 25 litre ratchet press. Any reason not to try this?
The best argument I've found against this is that if the pits crack they can be very bitter/have harmful compounds. I'm skeptical that my little press would be able to apply that kind of pressure though. I had no problem germinating apple and pear seeds that were pressed in last year's cider.
I'm looking for an "easy way" so no I won't be blanching or de-pitting. Way too many plums for that. I ended up opting for my usual method rather than trying something new. I smash them gently by hand in the primary and ferment them on the skins and pits. After a few days, when the krausen dies down, most of the pits float to the top and I skim them off. After primary, I strain and move to carboys.
Depending on the plum the tanin looks to be just right if left skin in. I love doing stuff like blanching my hundreds of 'maters before jarring. I just get a little buzzed, stoned, and put on some Primus on headphones and have at it for a couple hours. I'm big doing things the hard way lol. Feels more like how they did it in the olden days.
Yeah, I've always had good luck leaving the skins on in the past. If it ain't broke don't fix it I guess. I worked in a professional kitchen for many years so I'm no stranger to tedious repetitive tasks. And yes being buzzed definitely helps lol. That being said I strive to work smarter not harder these days.