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Jan 23, 2012
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So a while back I decided to see how much boiling my water reduced my Alkalinity by and was amazed by the results.
I have been using AMS/CRS and lactic to reduce my Alkalinity, but I had noticed that when brewing and cream ale for instance I have had what I can only describe as odd mouth feel and flavour, which has never been an issue when brewing say an IPA, Stout or bitter.
My alkalinity on this test started at 156.8ppm and after boiling 40 litres for 30 mins the test came out at 64.2ppm.
After letting it sit over night I retested before brewing ( after decanting off the precipitate ) and finally settled at 70.1ppm.
Now I know this could be a waste of time to others, but I feel it has had a massive impact on this style of beer when testing as I bottled it, tasted much cleaner I guess because I'm not soften using CRS and adding quite a lot of Sulphate and Chloride to a style that doesn't need too much.
My water reports show that my average Sulphate is like 70odd ppm and Chloride is 30 odd ppm.
I may treat my water this way every time I brew a style similar to this.


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Jan 6, 2019
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Preboiling is definitely a viable method and should not be an issue going forward. It can be just another part of your standard procedure for that style. Good luck.