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Feb 1, 2008
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columbia Missourah
hey, i love me some beer, but sometimes the cider is just too good to pass up.
so, i dont have a press yet but still want to make cider. im going to make some out of store bought juice but also want to try a few random ideas.

an ideas on using cider made from the powder or should i just stick to juice?
ive never heard of this so any help would be aprec:ban: :ban: iated
Powdered anything sounds horrible to me. Your juice needs to be free of sorbate, so read your labels before you purchase.
sorbate huh, the package ingredients dont list any. thanks, i have some powder lying around so i thought i might try it. figured id add alot of suger and yeast and thought that the flavor of the powder might actually be good. dont know though
Monster-Masher said:
thanks shaffer. i had heard the term apfelwein before but had not realized what it was. To make it sweeter should i just add more sugar when bottling?

No... that's how you make exploding glass bottles.

To make it sweeter you add an unfermentable sugar such as splenda or use a low-attenuating yeast that poops out before the sugars are all consumed.
Yes, but that's a difficult balance to hit. You have to match the yeast to the amount of fermentable sugar, so that in the end you have a sweetness that works. It's easier to sweeten with an artificial sweetner like splenda after fermentation is complete. OR, what I do is, I get a bottle of apple juice, and when i pour a glass I put a quarter of a glass of fresh apple juice in there first, then top up with apfelwine. Since I'm drinking it right away, the fermentable sugar is a non-issue.
i think ill just make it to recipe in one gallon as i do like a tart cider and one with a tad of splenda in the other. i just saw in another thread the sugar by gallon measurement.