Postcard from the basement: first AG all done!

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Oct 21, 2007
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somewhere east on Cape Cod
Well, I finally decided to put my shiny new stuff to work and made my first AG, EdWort's Haus Ale, (with the Summit hops, scaled down at least half).

pre-boil gravity was 1.040
post-boil was 1.050
(I do not bother to correct for temp at my level!)

A bit of a fight to up the mash temp, ending up adding some boiling water, and vorlaufing some out so not to overcome the mash.
Slightly stuck sparge... I am also a Corona virgin and I sort of followed the mantra "Crush until you're scared!" so that was sort of predictable...!
Did not relax much at first, then mellowed out post-boil as I have done this once before.

My bargain chiller did a great job getting me at 82 deg or so fast.

All in all a good day.
Clean up time now...!