Possible metal/aluminum poisoning from my brew kettle? Kombucha

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Dec 13, 2018
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Hey Everyone is just started brewing kombucha and loved it so much i decided to by a 10 gallon brew kettle from amazon Stainless Steel, after i received it. Went through the process of cleaning and sanitation, while doing that i was boiling about 7 gallons of fresh water just to get a thorough clean on a electric stove (This is what i think caused my problem). After i dumped the water i noticed that somehow the INSIDE BOTTOM of the kettle got these small burn scratches/deformities. But odd thing about it i checked the underside of the kettle (which has a welded aluminum plate for faster boiling) and there was no damage what so ever, only the inside was affected somehow i think this has to do with the electric stove somehow?

I boiled my tea in it and also using to brew my ferment

Anyway to get to the heart of thing the damage on the inside bottom looks very minuscule i would say 0.3cm deep even less and i highly doubt it punctured thru the aluminum plating. I wanted to know my kombucha leach from the exposed metal on the bottom and become toxic or maybe i'm just overthinking this. It is currently in use and my brew will be done on the 21st and i will check to see if it has and metallic or strange taste.

I have some pics of what i'm talking about please looked at the attached images


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