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Dec 30, 2007
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Canberra, ACT Australia
My trusted Pal Jazzy is a nearly 17 year old Border Collie/Blue Heeler cross, who lost hind a leg to a blood clot nearly 5 years ago

She's still going strong, but I don't think she has a lot of years left in her. I am thinking of naming my "brewery" Three Legged Hound Brewing" in her honour. I would of course use her image on the labels, and name different beers after a similar theme, like "Black Dog Stout", Or "Barking Dog Red Ale" etc.

What says you?
That sounds awesome, I was thinking of something similar, but I haven't been that creative lately:D
Hmmm, Black Dog Stout, that sounds like an awesome beer name. Honoring your furry friend like that is great idea, kind of makes me want to make a beer in memory of my terrier that passed away this sumer.
Tis an excellent idea, neighbour.

I look forward to looking over the fence and seeing the Three Legged Hound sign proudly displayed.

But in Aussie tradition... the Red Ale would have to be called "Barking Bluey"

Mmmm... my hops are almost done... time to mix up my brew!

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