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Oct 8, 2007
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Plainfield, IL
I want to brew a nice dark porter with a lot of caramel flavor, I like the body and most of the flavors just not the coffee hints similar to a dry stout. anyone have some ideas, i just got into brewing and need a knockout recipe. I am thinking of steeping some 120 L caramel grain? and some chocolate malt in it but have NO idea what will really work? maybe hallertua hops, i can lager it if neccessary?
Do you have a commercial example that you like?

Hallertau would be an unusual hops for a porter. Porter's arent ;agered, so no worries there. If you can give a little more guidance or some comercial examples, people will chime in with recipes and suggestions.

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I'd recommend a Rogue Mocha Porter clone. I tossed my personal porter recipe after making it. Austinhomebrew has the kit.
I enjoy baltic porters myself slightly more alcohol and a little darker in color.

Assuming you are doing extract, for 5 gallons I like to steep:

.5 lbs wyerman Carafa Munich 2
1 lbs crystal 60
1 lb chocolate malt

Mix this with 3 pounds of amber extract and 3 pounds of light extract. For additional fermentables it is also possible to as a pound of honey.

The boil I use Nugget Hops about an ounce at 60 minutes and another ounce at 30. I finish it off with an ounce of cascade for the last 5. You can also use Gallena to bitter, but nugget are a bit easier to find these days.

You can use the whitelabs london ale yeast, English ale yeast, Irish Ale Yeast, or in a pinch the california ale yeast. But my preference has been the london ale yeast.

It comes out fairly well, a little hoppier than most porters, but I like that, but to be in style I think I should use less nugget perhaps .75 at 60 and .75 at 30. I hate having 1/4oz and 1/2oz hop packets sitting around so I usually use a full oz whenever I make a recipe. With the honey the OG is usually between 1.65 and 1.7.
Baltic porters are typically lagered, or cold fermented with ale yeast if not, so it's a bit of an exception.

I like using Special B in my porters. It's a kind of dark crystal malt but tastes different from something like crystal 120L.
Check my Brown Porter recipe in the database, it is easily modified to extract by replacing the base grain with LME or DME based on your preference. It is a traditional London Porter and came out great.

In terms of hops, I would recommend using British hop varieties, even for a Robust or Baltic (although based on what you describe these are not the style you are going for). Stay away from using roasted barley or black patent and you will avoid the roasted/coffee flavors associated with a stout.
I am trying to concoct a porter with a Sam Adams lager feel to it, I think thats what i left out before, I hope its a good idea? I have only made 2 batches, but know what flavors I want to taste and the body i am after. I like the DARK color and body,?, of the porter at rock bottom, but am after more of a caramel flaver (like how liennies honey weiss has that fresh honey hint without being overpowering like candy), Is the hallertua a bad idea for a porter or just a little different?
You are making sense, it sounds like you want something fairly traditional with maybe a little extra Chocolate Malt and Crystal Malt. The Hallertau isn't necessarily a bad idea, but it's not really appropriate for a Porter.

I'd suggest the Brown Porter extract kit from AHS, I think it will have the color and body you are looking for and would be a good kit for a third batch.

Once you get more experience brewing different styles and with different ingredients, you can start to tweak the base recipe and customize it to your specific tastes.

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