Porter and Flavor Profile Recipe Questions

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Mar 29, 2009
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First of all what I don't like that I taste in many Porters and Stouts:
-raisin or any dried fruit

What I like:
-basic "dark beer" taste (I know that sounds dorky)
-thick bodied

Interestingly, I found what I like in Bells Kalamazoo Stout, which is made with licorice. ! I got a variety six pack for Christmas and have been trying different kinds of Stouts. This is one I didn't think I'd like. It doesn't have a whole lot of body but I like the taste.

I haven't yet tried a smoked Porter but I think I would like to add that aspect.

Does anyone have suggestions for part extract syrup and part steeped grain?

What is it that gives many of these beers the tastes I don't like?

Is there a different style I might like just as well? Thanks.