Portable duda diesel chiller and Chugger pump setup... NICE!!!!

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Sep 12, 2008
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Cedar Rapids
I had an old Sam's Club dolly cart that I think put me out about $25. I had a new chugger centerline pump and a duda diesel 18" 30 plate chiller that I needed to mount somehow. Thinking that portability would be the name of the game I put this together. Some old poplar wood, some clamps and braces from Lowes and ... voila!!! Ready to test this baby out. The specs say 10 gallons from boiling to 68F in less then 5 minutes for a 10 gallon batch. I only do 5 gallons so... I'm thinking my wort may be a wortcicle when put into the carboy prior to fermentation. Check out the pics!!!

back side view 1.jpg

back view 2.jpg

braces 1.jpg

side view 1.jpg

the pump.jpg

front 2.jpg

braces 2.jpg

stand full pic 1.jpg

water out 1.jpg

mounting bolt 1.jpg