port wine style from Winexperts kit's

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Apr 8, 2014
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So i bought three seperate wine kits: blackberry cabernet, black raspberry and blueberry. combined all three undiluted and used 4x ec 1118 (18% port wine yeast) starting gravity was 1.117 and began fermentation within 12 hrs.

I'm wondering about clearing via chitosan packages that came with it, should i use all three from the kits or will 1 or 2 be enough? same with the stabilizing and fining agents? im assuming i'll need all three on all accounts but am unsure.

6.8% brewhouse IPA (with us 05) will be carbonated friday, will test one and tryyy to age it a few months.

brewhouse cerveza (also with us 05) is almost gone (had it for my birthday, 3 dozen beer on ice for the taking, 10 survived and got sunblasted the next morning in clear bottles, should be pretty authentic now ;) got about 15 500ml PET bottles with the 10 clear glass.