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Polished Stainless Steel Brew Stand and Pots

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Sep 1, 2009
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Pensacola Beach
Polished Stainless Steel Brew Stand and Pots.
It is made of 1.5” X .063 square stainless tubing, all professionally tig welded and fabricated by a local stainless steel master. This sculpture looks like a piece of art work. Sanded down to fine grit, and then polished 2 times to a mirror finish. It can still be customized for your needs such as burner type and burner control. Has Pump mounts already built in. You have two choices for mounting the pumps. One is to drill holes and bolt it, the second is to purchase the stainless pump mounts from more beer. Made for casters that slips in the tube and tighten.

Burner mounts can either be welded in, or bolted in depending on your design.
70” long, 19” wide, 23 inches high.
Plumbing can easily be made to accommodate natural gas, propane, or low pressure propane for your burner needs, or even add an asco valve into it.

3 20 gallon custom made heavy duty mega stainless steel pots. Each pot has three tig welded couplers. One for valve, one for thermometer, and the other for thermo well.

I designed this for strength and lightweight. Only weighs about 50#.
I am getting rid of this due to obligations that must be met. This was my second and last stand.

Update: $1100.00 takes it, but you must pick it up.



Pictures by altbier1516 - Photobucket

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Thank you for all your help!