Poindexters Graff #4

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Oct 1, 2007
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interior Alaska
This one is 14 months old and the recipe is a keeper.

My first two Graffs were just not ready for prime time. My third one a good friend dearly loves, to me it is thin and one dimensional; I switched to Saaz hops for that one, with pilsner malt.

Four number four I stuck with Saaz but went deep on the grain bill.

Nottingham Yellow, no starter required

(30) Saaz 2.2 HBU
(15) Saaz 2.2HBU
(5) Saaz 2.2 HBU

6 ozs Crystal 120L
4 ozs coffee malt
2 ozs honey malt
1 cinamon stick

30 minutes at 155 degrees F

The cinamon stick stayed behind in the spent grain after the steep.

1# DME after 30 minute boil.

I ran about 2 gallons of wort down to about one gallon at the end of the boil, I wanted every scintilla I could get out of the hops.

After chilling the wort I combined it with 2 gallons of Knudsen's organic cider in a 3 gallon fermenter on 11-22-2009.

I don't know if I needed to bulk age it four four months before bottling, but I have never had a civilized cider under one year old anyway so I let it sit on the cake.

Bottled on 03-15-2010 with Coopers priming tabs, probably wont do that again.

Lost in a closet for nine months.

Excellent starting 01-11-11. If I wasn't happy with this I would probably bump up the (30) hops and target a longer cellar time. I might add some pale malt and black patent or chocolate to the steep as well and back off the DME, as written this is do-able on a stove top by a relative n00b.

Right now I have apple tartness, malt sweetness and hop bitterness all in the same glass. The nose could be improved, but I have only ever gotten good hop nose out of 1 year olds when they were dry hopped in the keg a la IPA.

I'll edit in a picture tomorrow, imagine a brown ale with a small head.


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Jul 8, 2010
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new york
Sounds good. I love Saaz hops, one of my favorites. That would be interesting not to touch that thing for almost a year!

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