Plastic taste in beer

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I feel like I only had this issue with bottle carbing. Can't recall having the issue once I started kegging. I took a few years off brewing, now our first batch we bottled and there is a slight plastic-y taste. Gravity samples tasted fine, so I think bottle sanitation is the likely culprit. I admit we were lazy, throughly rinsed the bottles (no bottle brushing, no soaks in PBW, etc.) and then quickly dunked in StarSan prior to bottling each. Intending to run them through the dishwasher on sani cycle just before bottling next time, as well as StarSan soaking them before filling.
I experienced this as well and at first I thought about poor sanitation or chlorine but now I'm not so sure. I had been experiencing this from my most recent brews and the only real change has been using a counter flow chiller and march pump set-up including braided PVC tubing. I recirculate hot wort through the chiller to sanitize it and I'm starting to think that since the max temp on the tubing is less than 212° something from it is leaching out and getting into the beer. Anyone else think that this may be the case?
Standard PVC is not used in the industry for heated water...... They make CPVC which must be used with hot water!!! Switch over to CPVC piping and you should be good, it's available any big box store that carrries plumbing supplies.