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May 22, 2018
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I am planning for the future. I will be bottling to start because of cost at this point. I dont have room for a five gallon or kegerator but noticed in a catalog they have 2.5 And 3 gallon kegs. I could stash one of those in the farmhouse fridge and bottle the other half for at home. Question I have is there are chinese, Italian and American made tanks. Thoughts on the smaller kegs and manufacturer? Is it good to have rubber handles and bottom? If this hobby continues for me I want to plan and save.
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I've heard people liking those Torpedo Kegs. They also come in a slimline version, narrower but taller. Important if the footprint / horizontal space they take up is critical, such as in keezers and kegerators. Can make all the difference between fitting 3, 4 or 5 kegs inside.

Most new, regular corny kegs are now Chinese made. AEB is Italian made. Torpedo seems American made (not sure).

Rubber boots and handles are fine, they give some protection and cushioning. If you buy used ones, boot or handles are sometimes a bit loose, but can be glued back with some Gorilla glue.

In the smaller sizes it is difficult to find used ones and those are typically sold at premium pricing, so buying new maybe a much better deal. Shop around, prices vary.