Pitch temperature when pressure fermenting?

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Sep 2, 2011
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I am just mashing in on my 2nd pressure fermentation. I am doing a West Coast IPA and pitching with Imperial Dry Hop. I am going to be using a Fermzilla All Rounder with a spunding valve. Last batch I attached the spunding valve after 24 hours and set to 10 PSI.

I do have the ability to temperature control my fermentaion. My ground water can get the wort down to about 80-85 when I am chilling.

Can I pitch the yeast at 80-85 and ignore the temperature contol?

Edit: After doing some more reading I see that I should pitch at the recommended temp but I can allow it to rise in temp after that. Anyone have recommendations of how warm I can/should let it get?
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ive pitched ale yeast 15F higher than the spec sheet calla for and had it go up to 30F higher without problems with fusel oils or esthers. Im sure there are strain-specific variations on this. Id say Go for it and report back your results. Im doing BRY-97 right now.
Thanks for the info. Ended up getting it down to 75 and pitched it. Had activity after 5 hours and extremely active fermentation 16 hours after initial. It has gone from 1064 to 1035 in 30 hours. I havent put pressure on yet.
I usually pitch on the warm side. It takes a little while for the yeast to wake up. By the time the yeast has started going the wort has cooled some more and reached it's target temperature.
I let it go at 70-72 for 48 hours and it went from 1063 down to 1024 and I attached my spunding valve and have it set to 12 PSI.