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Jun 11, 2007
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Halifax, Nova Scotia
Hi I use a pink powder sanitizer - I believe it is a chloride or chlorine powder which mixed one teaspoon to 1 liter of water. (The guy at the homebrew store said it was just like concentraited bleach?)

I guess my question is regarding sanitizing bottles - my current method is fill up my bottling bucket with my solution and dunk my botlles in the solution for a few mins and tripple rinse.

My first question is - do I really have to tripple rinse - can that solution be harmfull to the beer in trace ammounts - more importantly can it be harmful to me! Would a double rinse be fine? Secondly - if I purchase one of the bottle sprayers (vinerators are they called?) will the quick rinse with that sanitizer really sanitize it?

PS - my bottles are allready clean before I sanitize them - I always rinse them out with hot water and store them as soon as I pour a beer.

Thanks in advance
That sounds like diversol (it seems to be big up here). It's a combination of bleach and some sort of detergent. It needs about 20 minutes of contact time I believe in order to sanitize.

I used it at first because it's what my LHBS had, I always rinsed the bottles (once) after a 20 minute soak with hot water to be safe. It is definitely not a quick sanitizer like starsan (which I use now) so one of those bottle sprayers won't work for sanitizing.
I clean with Diversol (the pink stuff), rinse well, and sanitize with iodphor. Iodophor is a no rinse sanitizer that saves a ton of time.
Ahhh, I just use bleach to clean by soaking overnight. Rinse well with hot water and sanitize with star-san.

Pardon me if this is a dumb question/comment......but, I don't think ANYTHING lives through a bleach bath, does it? (That's why the Germans used chlorine gas against the allies with such deadly consequences.)

I think if you check around (Google, or just on this forum) you'll find an appropriate ratio for a bleach/water solution that will preclude any additional sanitizing with star-san or anything else........except, of course, a damn good water rinse!

Sounds like you're using "OVERKILL".........literally! Save yourself a lot of time and money.
Bleach kills but because its alkaline ( rather than acidic) it takes a longer contact time. In my lab we assume sanitation after 10min ( starsan is like 3min)
On the rare occasions that I bottle, I wash/ soak my bottles with unscented oxyclean. Then I use Starsan for sanitizing, just prior to bottling. I wouldn't enjoy the rinsing. I mean, wouldn't you have to boil the rinse water? And the moment one bottle touches the rinse water, the rinses water now has the sanitizer in it. Just seems like a lot of trouble to me, considering Starsan works so well. I do the same for my kegs.