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Dec 16, 2017
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Hi Everyone,

Please see below for my wiring diagram on my PID. This is all in a boxed enclosure meant to control my 1500W element and pump on separate switches. Everything is wired for 110V. Red is representing neutral.

This was working fine for about 15 mins. I could use both switches and turn the PID and outlet on and off with it. I unplugged after testing and now it's not, leaving me confused.

It will work when both switches are "on" so I believe the problem is related to the switches. If I turn one of the switches off, it trips the GCFI. Is this because the circuit cannot be completed when both switches are off?

If someone will please point out my error it's appreciated.

SSR and PID are Inkbird (ITC-100VH and SSR-40 DA) of

This is wired with 14 gauge single strand, power cord is the same (replacement appliance cord)

Thanks in advance!
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I think your diagram is correct, but I suspect you have a wiring error. Recheck your wiring to make sure it is in agreement with the diagram, and all the connections are secure.
I agree, the wiring diagram looks sound. If you are actually wired as shown in the diagram, the GFCI tripping indicates you have some leakage in the external element wiring/connections, or the external pump wiring.

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I bought 2 new switches and rewired the entire thing. Working great! Thanks for the confirmation this was done correctly