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Oct 26, 2018
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I am selling a new-in-box PicoBrew Zymatic. The Zymatic has been refurbished by PicoBrew and shipped directly to me. I opened the box to take a picture of the Zymatic but it has not been used. This unit has not been registered with PicoBrew and includes the registration code. The following original accessories have been gently used: 5-gallon ball lock keg, mash compartment, mash/hop screens, hop cages, hoses, keg parka, keg seal, cleaning wands, etc.

This sale also includes a JaDeD Brewing’s Cornypillar wort chiller.

Asking: $1000 or reasonable offers

Local pickup preferred – Minneapolis, MN

Shipping is an option since the Zymatic is still in its factory packaging. The Zymatic and accessories would have to be shipped in multiple boxes.


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