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Broken Robot Brewing Co.
Oct 31, 2007
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Searches eluded what I'm lookin' for, so I'll ask it:

I was a ******* and left my picnic tap in StarSan overnight - pretty much 24 hours exactly. All the small parts are fine but my beer line is very, very cloudy. It's very much got the StarSan "Slippery" all over it, and it's not even transparent anymore.

Here's the problem: I have to turn in my keg, with tap, tomorrow for a beer comp. What are my options here? Is that film inside removable? Otherwise, the way I see it, I can
- Buy a whole new picnic tap to turn in with my beer, and deal with the cloudy one later
- Buy new beer line, and have my LHBS crimp all the other parts on, and still get the keg turned in in time
- ... Use the line as-is???

Thanks in advance. I am so mad at myself right now. I told myself, as I was mixing my StarSan last night, that I knew I was going to be a stupid ass and leave everything in there. GOD I'm so stupid.
It's fine. The detergent in the StarSan is attracted to the plastic and will wick into it. It has no bearing on how effective StarSan is and will not hurt anything. It's pretty much embedded into the plastic now.
even a hot water soak over night will remove it.

but its just unsightly. It will NOT affect the beer at all.
Thanks for the help guys. I just let it air-dry overnight, then wiped down the exterior of the line, which helped appearance a little bit. Just got back from turning in my keg - here's hoping the competition goes well! :D
Just an update.... got last place. I only scored a brutal 16/50, which is way under where I thought I was. Apparently it got very cloudy on transport, and never appeared to settle out. Also, possibly had some trouble with temperatures for both ferm'ing and cond'ing. Banana esters in a Scottish, but with a very thin backbone or something.

Rather than post the PDF, I'll just retype:

A: 4/12 - Banana & Fruit esters upfront slight malt
A: 1/3 - Very cloudy, deep copper, little head
F: 5/20 - Fruit upfront, slightly sour, hops in finish, slight malt in aftertaste
M: 2/5 - A bit thin, slight astringency
O: 4/10 - A bit light on malt both in nose and palate, lacks the depth of malt & caramel of an 80/-

This is my pecan, which was at the top of OG for its style at 1.056, and had 1qt runnings caramelized at the beginning of the boil, too. I must have mashed too low, I guess. Time to get another digital thermy and start cross-checking them during my mash.

Edit: But none of this has to do with the keg tap, thanks again for the help. :)