Philly sour is awesome

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Jun 3, 2022
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Had a go with Philly Sour. Very impressed.

This is a no frills kind of recipe that I came up with. At 7% ABV it has some body, but is still very refreshing.

3 gallon batch
1.058 OG
55% pale 2 row
40% white wheat malt
5% dextrose
7IBU Citra

Mashed at 148F for 60 min.
30 minute boil.

I added 1ml of lactic acid in the mash and it got it down to 5.3.

1pkg Philly sour
Pitched @74f
74f for 4 days
Added 3lb mango puree
Upped to 75. Not sure if that makes a difference. Was very active after adding the puree.

Seemed to be done at 8 days. Took a sample. 1.005 FG and tasted great.
24 hours later I took another sample. 1.005 again. The sample had no yeasty, hot alcohol or other green flavors at this point.

Day 9 I chilled to 36F and set the gas to 50psi.

12 hours later I purged the keg and brought it down to serving pressure (12psi). Maybe like 20 minutes later I tried a little sample. It was about 80% carbed.

It's very tasty. On par with some commercia fruited sours I've had. It's not super sour, but it's balanced. PH meter says 3.4. maybe I'll up the dextrose a bit more next time. Was thinking about experimenting with some lactic acid in the glass, too. Maybe next weekend.

At ~7% ABV and not quite mouth puckering it's dangerously drinkable. I don't taste any alcohol notes at all, really. Only in the belly.
Mango flavor is awesome @1lb/g.

I'll update this thread after it's had a chance to cold condition for awhile. I'd recommend trying it if you haven't yet.


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Jan 18, 2019
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Yo Taylor, I'm happy for you, and I'mma let you finish, but there's a dedicated thread for experience with PhillySour yeast that you might consider contributing to instead:

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