Perpetuity? Eternal?

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Sep 18, 2008
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So this may be a dumb question and maybe yall are already doing this, but this idea just struck me today. So I am building a huge 2L starter for a Belgian Dark Ale w/ a OG 1.1. I have a growler full of the starter that I stepped up twice and plan to pitch it tomorrow. I am using the Unibroue Canadian/Belgian Ale Wyeast 3864. Now since this yeast is limited edition and it is my absolute favorite yeast, I purchased 6 pouches of it to stock up on...

What if I I start another growler before I pitch the yeast and make that growler my mother yeast. Every time I plan to brew, I will pour maybe a quarter out for my pitching yeast (step up as necessary) and replace that with fresh wort?

Yes I know I can just wash yeast, but to me that is a much more drawn out process with lots of risk of contamination. Plus you run what I imagine would be a higher risk of mutation and everyone says you should do this no more than 4 generations...

I guess the one disadvantage would be that if I didn't brew frequently, the yeast could go dormant and die out. But I figure I will brew with this yeast at least every month and imagine this would be acceptable. Of course, I will be keeping it in the fridge...

Anyway, sorry for rambling so much. But this seemed like the epiphany of my life! =D. Now just please don't burst my bubble, unless you have to. Thanks for the replies!


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Jan 24, 2007
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Lac du Bonnet
Why not make up a batch and freeze it? You could have a dozen or so vials ready to go and just perpetuate them through three or four generations.