Perle hops and an India Dark Ale

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Aug 27, 2006
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Vancouver, BC
I've been wanting to make a dark IPA for a while now and I have a bunch of hops in my freezer that don't have a destination yet so I figure its good time. I have 1 oz Mt Hood, 1/2 oz hallertau 3 oz perle (all leaf), and 1/2 oz tett pellet. This was my plan. It puts my OG up at around 1.060.

0.4 lb Carapils®/Carafoam®
0.8 lb American Chocolate Malt
7.25 lb Liquid Light Extract
0.50 lb Crystal 120
0.75 lb Biscuit Malt (Mout Roost 50)
0.5 lb Canadian Craft Brewers Pale Malt
1.0 oz Perle (8.3%) - added during boil, boiled 60.0 min
1.0 oz Perle (8.3%) - added during boil, boiled 30.0 min
0.5 oz Tettnanger (4.8%) - added during boil, boiled 10.0 min
1.0 oz Perle (8.3%) - added during boil, boiled 5.0 min
1.5 lb Liquid Light Extract
1.0 ea WYeast 1272 American Ale II

My main question is, will all that perle be too much? I'm nervous about the description of it being minty/earthy. Would you change anything else here? I'm pushing my capacity for grains as is. I'm also aiming at an american brown ale as the base.