Pennsylvania Peltier Conical Controller

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Jun 19, 2012
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Time to move on to a chest freezer and sell my peltier cooling system. This system was installed on a 14.5g stout conical. I’ve had it a while but haven’t used it as much as I thought I would. The systems consists of a computer power supply, two peltier cooling plates with fans with heatsinks and aluminum milled blocks, a heating pad, and a two stage Johnson controller TC-9102D. I was cleaning the fans for the sale and broke a few blades on the fan. The fan is $20 on ebay.

Peltiers w/fans with block, computer power supply $75obo

Heating pad $5obo

Johnson Controller TC-9102D two stage with quad outlets $95obo

I re-wired the computer power supply to provide 12vdc to both fans.

I re-wired the heating pan to remain on as long as it is powered. Heating pads are sold to cut off after a period of time.

I wired the Johnson controller to two power outlets, one for heating for the heating pad and the other for cooling for the peltier cooling plates.

Any questions let me know.