Peanut Butter

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That's what she said!
Jun 29, 2023
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Which is best for getting that PB flavor?

PB from jar, the powder, syrup, or something else I am missing.

Planning on trying a stout an would love to get a good PB flavor.
I've been a PB2 guy for most of my brewing career. I've recently gone with Brewer's Best for peanut butter and couldn't be happier. I haven't tried the Apex mentioned above, but would be willing to try that too.
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Thanks! I am a PB dude for sure. I might try the same time!
I used roasted peanut pieces (like from that you would see as ice cream toppings. 10#/bbl is a good starting spot - put it in bags in cold brite tank for 24-48 hours. Any longer and you risk extracting bitterness/tanic character
I’ve done peanut butter flavoring a couple of times by making a slurry of PB2 and vodka. Then dumping it in secondary.
The Apex PB flavoring linked above is what Duclaw uses for Sweet Baby Jesus. I much prefer their flavorings over most other options. Easy and works.
guessing you saw the Sweet Baby Jesus was what I posted in another thread.