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May 5, 2008
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Hey guys,
I'm making a cider and wanted to mix it up a bit so decided that I'll add peach puree. I ordered some Oregon Peach Puree and got it today. Originally I was planning on adding the whole can but after receiving it I've noticed how liquidy it is and now I'm worried it will overpower the cider if it's nectar-like. Does anyone have much experience with using Oregon Purees? How do they compare to using fresh fruit? Thanks for the tips!

~ KB12
Oh, also, does anyone have experience storing the puree after it's been opened? When I open the can I'm going to assume it's sanitary but how to keep it if I have extra?
I've used the Oregon cherry puree already in a cherry wheat. It was the normal sized can (about 50 oz) and liked the results from one full can. It wasn't overpowering and it was somewhat noticeable. A good brew. I would think the results would be similar for your cider too, depending upon what other ingredients you're putting in there. As for storing extra, I would put some vodka over the top of it and seal it up the best you can.

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