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Dec 2, 2008
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I brewed up an Abbey ale (wlp530) that ended up showing signs of infection. I kegged it since the flavor was interesting and not foul. It had some vinous character that I could see being desirable.

I just chilled the keg after cellaring for one full year and drew a first pint. A pronounced vinous (red-wine phenolic) flavor. I'd heard of "sour-cherry" but I think I'm getting more of a raisiny-blackcurrant sourness. Reminds me of a gueuz somewhat but not quite there. Not as carbonated either.

I'm not overly fond of bugged beers but I won't toss out something if it has potential. Should I leave it for another year? Should I carbonate it to higher volumes or let it sit as is?

This is an area of brewing I've avoided and have woeful lack of knowledge.